Sacred Geo "Creativity" Vital Omegas Medicinal Set
Sacred Geo "Creativity" Vital Omegas Medicinal Set
Sacred Geo "Creativity" Vital Omegas Medicinal Set
Sacred Geo "Creativity" Vital Omegas Medicinal Set

Sacred Geo "Creativity" Vital Omegas Medicinal Set

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Infused with Amber + Egyptian Marigold + Citrus Lily

  • 1 full size "Vital Omegas" Medicinal Healing Oil 1 oz | 30 ml
  • 1 full size Citrus Lily Infused Energy Toner 2 oz | 60 ml
  • 1 full size Sand Mandala Fine Powder Mask 1.33 oz | 40 ml


Supports Sacral Chakra, Creativity Energy Center

These three products have matching fragrance of "Celebration". This set is all about tapping into creative life force energy. Infused with Ruby gemstone, Citrus Lily & Egyptian Marigold. This set is tuned to 417 HZ, the frequency harmonic creative intelligence in the universe.


"Vital Omegas" Medicinal Healing Oil

Essential fatty acid, gamma-linoleic acid providing dramatic strengthening to the barrier to reduce redness, irritation, and sensitivity.


Star Ingredients:

Borage Oil one of the highest sources of GLA

Tamanu Oil incredibly healing & nourishing. Immediate healing impact.

Calendula Oil is incredibly soothing and great for wound repairs.

Broccoli Seed Oil Fast absorbing, high in GLA, incredibly nourishing for the skin barrier. Supports ceramide growth.  


Fragrance:"Italian Summer" Notes of: Willow Ivy, Secret Garden, Lilac, Jasmin, Sea Moss, Sweet Orange

Inspired by the Golden Ratio, Creative Flow, Sacred Geometry, & Fractal Patterns

Biological design throughout the planet from sea shells to the spiral of the dna helix to the positioning of flower petals facing the sun is encoded through sacred geometric fractal patterns. These fractal patterns are found throughout everything, including music. This product celebrates creative flow by celebrating the creation language of fractal patterns used by the universe to engineer so many life designs on this planet.

Omegas are a key building block for this creative design, and this oil is overflowing with omega 3s, 6s, 7s, & 9s which are all essential for repairing and strengthening a sensitive skin barrier.

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  • Clean Ingredients, Non-Toxic
  • Cruelty Free
  • 88% Organic

"Creative flow" CHAKRA SKINCARE SET. Sacred Geometry of nature, orange lily, TREES OF LIFE, ELEGANT FLOWER HYDROSOLS.

For blemishes, sensitive skin, acne
Sacred Geo Medicinal Oil

inspired by fractals in nature. Calendula, Perilla, Tamanu, Borage,
Broccoli oils are all considered miracle skin healing oils in folk medicine. Commonly used for wounds throughout ancient cultures and still highly regarded today.

These oils will help reduce redness &
inflammation right away, supplying the skin with essential fatty acids to rebuild ceramides and a strengthened skin barrier.

Fractals are the gorgeous visible building blocks of pattern and harmony found throughout biological design across the planet.

Orange Lily & Ruby Infused
Sacred Waters 417hz creative flow

Every serum we serve is infused with high frequency elements such as crystals, gemstones, and high vibration extracts like Amber. Amber is an ancient resin that comes from healing trees, playing an important role in healing & wisdom throughout time & across cultures. If you believe resins from ancient trees carry memory, like we do, then we believe there can be an extraordinary upshift to anything that comes into contact with it.

Chakra-Tuned™ Creative Flow
Sacred Trees 3 in 1 Lux Butter

Holy grail pressed serum for deep, lasting hydration. Perfect for fine lines on face, neck, hands. Creates silky soft skin that lasts, after the first application.

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