Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Divine Feminine"

Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Divine Feminine"

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Powered by the frequency of 936hz, the frequency that both stimulates and nurtures the crown chakra, our center for cosmic connection. Use this mask when you are searching for deeper cosmic guidance.

This fine powder mask does it all.

Several extraordinary extracts are combined into a fine powder. Simply add liquid from one of our serums, or add a favorite oil at home, blend, and use for 30 minutes and gently remove with water. 

  • Using French Green Clay & Spirulina, work like magnets, drawing out impurities to the surface for a deep detoxing cleanse and improve circulation for reduced sensitivity.
  • Rosehip, brightens and lightens age spots (if used over time).
  • Strawberry & Fruit Essence are used as gentle resurfacing AHAs for an immediate after glow.
  • Horse Chestnut Extract is used to strengthen veins, thereby decreasing their redness visibility (over time).
  • Cacao is added for a heightened ceremonial experience.

Intense penetration into the deep layers if paired with an oil or with our serums, powerful antioxidants for skin protection, deep cleanse, and immediate glow. Skin feels smooth immediately after first use.

Frequency matches "Matriarch" Serum & "Sacred Waters Energy Essence (Cosmic Connection)".

"Divine Wisdom"

Matriarchs are the family's north star. Often, their love & dedication to family affairs & events, conversations over coffee, birthday cards & cake are the things that build lasting memories. Matriarchs can be found throughout the planet, both in human populations and among giant, graceful sentient mammals such as Elephant clans, Orca pods, Whale pods.

Montmorillonite French Green Clay, Fragaria Ananassa Strawberry Extract, Aesculus Hippocastanum Horse Chestnut Extract, Pyrus Malus Apple Fruit Extract, Theobroma Cacao Cocoa Extract, Rosa Rubiginosa Rosehip Extract, Kaolin Clay, Crown Chakra Frequency Infusion 936hz

  • Clean Ingredients, Non-Toxic
  • Cruelty Free
  • 88% Organic

Crown Chakra, 936hz

frequency of pink

The 936 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is the highest of all the tones. It is
said to connect us to the universe and its perfection. This allows us
to flow. This blend is infused with Rose, Pink Lotus, Diamond Extract & other pink flowers & gemstones to amplify this energy. High-end fragrance & intention of "Divine Feminine"

Crown Chakra
Divine Feminine

The crown chakra is our connection to the divine, the cosmos, and all that is. When this chakra is open and balanced, we feel in tune with the universe, our place within it, and we may even feel a deeper connection to our own internal divine feminine. We are able to tap into our higher selves and connect with our true purpose. The crown chakra vibrates at a frequency of 936hz, which is the frequency of divine connection. This is the highest and most spiritual of all the chakras, and when it is open and balanced, we feel a deep sense of peace, bliss, and enlightenment.