Raising Ascension Vibes through skin care

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HiViBe33™ Powered by the Quantum Nature of the Universe

Carl Sagan famously said, "We're all made of star stuff."

Every living system on our planet is made from the same shared use of cosmic stardust, frequency, sound, and light. HiViBe™ is a luxury skincare brand formulated to celebrate the sacred inter-connectedness and quantum entanglement between mind/body/soul + the living universe.

Our bodies are antennas for information existing all around us in the form of energy. HiViBe's™ Chakra Tuned™ products sharpen our ability to perceive this energetic information. By tapping into the BIOSENTIENCE™ of nature paired with the law of vibration through resonant sound frequencies, we bring you a skincare brand designed to support your ascension journey.

Every blend is designed to resonate w/ various vibrations of the infinite creative intelligence in the universe and found all over our planet in our deserts, oceans, forests, and more.

HiViBe™ nurtures your cosmic self, activating your inner star maps. Frequency infused luxury skincare brand designed to raise your vibration!

Unlock your cosmic potential, beyond skin deep.


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Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Rooted"Sand Mandala - Chakra-Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Creative"Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Self-Worth"Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Nurture"Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Voice"

Chakra Tuned™ Sand Mandala Fine Powder Masks

7 Frequency Enhanced Energy Intentions

Our collection of seven exquisite powder masks invites you to embark on a journey of self-care and vibrational healing, as you co-create personalized luxurious healing. Infused with the frequencies of the seven chakras. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing artistry of sand mandalas and the science of cymatics, these finely ground ingredients, when combined with our oils and serums, allow you to indulge in the alchemical process of crafting your own unique vibrational mask.

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Crystals on green nature

528hz Charged

Gemstone Infused Serums

Resonance amplified. Energy charged skincare products using gemstone and crystal infusions such as Ruby, Amethyst, Amber, Pearl, and Diamonds formulated with frequency tuning.

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