Skincare Sound Bathed in nature's Frequencies

When we connect with nature's frequencies and raise our vibration: we stand in our power, find answers to our pressing challenges, and have the courage to speak our truths. We become 'MAGNETIC'.

Carl Sagan famously said, "We're all made of star stuff."

Every HiViBe33 skincare product is sound bathed in a specific chakra tuning solfeggio frequency. These tones awaken the dormant energy intelligence found in the botanicals, gemstones, and structured water of each product.

The earth has ancient messages of wisdom and healing for us: encoded in her plants, botanicals, and ecosystems from ancient stardust. Messages that go back to the beginning of time. We can hear these messages & harmonize with these ancient energy teachings through the universal language of sound.

Experience a deeper connection to your higher self, earth, cosmos with our sacred sound infused skincare.

Eli Wolf, Creator & Founder of HiViBe33

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Luxury, Clean, Harmonic™
SOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Hibiscus & Ruby - RootSOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Citrus Lily & Amber - SacralSOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Sunflower & Amber - SolarSOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Jasmine & Jade - HeartSOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Blue Lotus & Pearl - Throat

anti-aging serum-in-toner hydrosols

7 Frequencies to raise your vibration

Water holds memory. We are the first to infuse our products with solfeggio frequencies, held by the vortex "alive" water, in the spirit of Dr. Emoto's work. Infused with the frequencies of the seven chakras, soaked in the essences of gemstones & flowers and formulated in quartz crystal sound bowls tuned to the seven chakras, these anti-aging skin hydrosols are like a sound bath for your skin. Manuka honey soothes and conditions, Royal Jelly is a catalyst for collagen, swiss apple stem cells have tremendous anti-aging potency, edelweiss and jasmine flowers are both anti-inflammatory & soothing.

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Crystals on green nature

Higher Vibration Skincare

Gemstone Infused Serums

One of the ways we keep the vibration high is through gemstone infusions. Energy charged skincare products using gemstone and crystal infusions such as Ruby, Amethyst, Amber, Pearl, and Diamond to keep the vibration high.

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