HiViBe33™ is Energized. Harmonic. Cosmic. Just like you.

The planet is alive and conscious. It's creation intelligence is encoded into your biological design. We can connect with creation planet energy™ in an infinite number of ways. We just need to tune into it.


"To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour." William Blake


HiViBe33's formulas are high vibrational products, infused with solfeggio frequencies (patent pending), the miracle tones of nature. When we connect with these frequencies, we raise our own inner vibration.


We infuse each blend with a specific solfeggio frequency, so that each product is created to be Chakra Tuned®, vibrating at the resonance of one of our seven inner chakras. When we heal our chakras one by one, we can't help but raise our entire frequency. When each one of us raises our own vibration, we help raise the frequency of humanity, through the power of Morphic Resonance.


We are taking intention setting to an entirely new level; the quantum level.


When you apply these ingredients to your skin, you are inviting this high vibe, creation energy into your system for a cascade of positive benefits, beyond skin deep.


We are also on a mission to give back more than we take from our “pale blue dot”. As such, we are the first skincare brand to give back 11.11% of our profits to protecting and sustaining the planet.


If you love clean, organic Chakra Tuned® skincare + you love the planet + you believe in striving for higher states of consciousness, this is the luxury brand you have been hoping for. We are HiViBe33™, and we are so happy you have joined us on this journey we call life. Let's dance!