Exploring the Consciousness of Nature

Exploring the Consciousness of Nature

BIOSENTIENCE™ is HiViBe33's 'Why'.

BIOSENTIENCE™ is inspired by our belief in the conscious sentience, the intelligent design of our ecosystems, evident in:

  • The complex orchestra of the planet's coral reef systems
  • Nature's own built in genius carbon sequestering systems found in our: jungles, rainforests, old growth forests, and ocean forest systems
  • The mathematical communication between bees & their wing flaps
  • The grace & social intelligence of cetaceans: whales, dolphins, orcas
  • The gorgeous similarities between our nervous system and the electrical impulses beneath the forest floor seen through the mycelium network.  Mycelia is a branch of communication that can connect trees across hundreds of miles and send information & healing resources back and forth across the expanse of a forest, with no limit to the distance, as long as the forest is allowed to grow. READ MORE
  • 'As Above, So Below' phenomena that can be found all around

All of this, to HiViBe33, is the language of Source.  And is the backbone of our philosophy, BIOSENTIENCE™. 

HiViBe33 pledges 11.11% of profits to protecting sentient life around the planet including ecosystems such as forests, oceans, savannas and the creatures who live in them through our parent company, BIOSENTIENT Protection Institute. BIOSENTIENT Protection Institute aims to research, develop, and invest in biotechnologies for carbon sequestering at scale, to protect and nurture our sentient home; our "pale blue dot". 

BIOSENTIENCE™ is our 'Why'.

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