a surreal enchanting image that says "unlock your cosmic potential beyond skin deep. Healing. Transmuting. Ascending. HiViBe33".

Planet Energy™ & Frequency Infused™ Skincare

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As Above, So Below ...

We have created a skincare brand for your higher vibrational journey towards your higher self. Each product is finely crafted & Chakra Tuned®. 

The Earth has chakras just as we do. HiViBe33 has deciphered the sacred energy information encoded within the earth's chakra system, and created skincare products with ingredients sourced directly from each of the earth's chakra centers, ... we then add the matching solfeggio frequencies to each product so that each serum & face oil sings in resonance with your own inner chakras, delivering to you a higher vibrational product that can help nurture your chakras on your higher vibrational journey.

Each serum/face oil is housed in a chromotherapy (color therapy) treated bottle to maintain the chakra's color frequency. Each formula is infused with a high vibration chakra stone such as ruby, amethyst, diamond, or pearl to further maintain the heightened vibrational aspects of the energy contained within the bottle.

Each formula is gentle, safe, highly effective, and made with top of the line ingredients sustainably sourced from around the world. HiViBe33 is a glass only brand, and we donate 11.1% of our profits directly back into the planet to help support, nurture, and protect the system that provides us life.

Clean + Organic + Cruelty Free + Toxic Free + Properly Preserved + Gentle but Effective