colorful rainbow chakra tuned skincare infused with solfeggio frequencies

Planet Energy® Anti-Aging Serums

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As Above, So Below...

This collection features 8 exquisite face oils and serums. Each serum is Chakra Tuned® and infused w/ 7 solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies aim to harmonize your 7 inner chakras w/ the earth's 7 "outer" chakras - Planet Energy®.

When we are in alignment, we can derive messages from the quantum field - the cosmic creative intelligence that exists all around us. Ingredients known for their natural healing properties are also selected to resonate with the Earth's chakra energies. When we raise our own vibration, we can't help but raise the frequency of humanity, through the power of Morphic Resonance. 

Infused w/ gemstone extracts and housed in chromotherapy-treated glass bottles to keep the resonance high.

Allow HiViBe33's products to accompany you on your journey toward higher vibrational consciousness.

HiViBe33 donates 11.11% of revenue directly back to the planet.

Clean Ingredients + 90% Organic + Cruelty-Free + Sustainable + Toxin-Free + Properly Preserved + Gentle but Effective + Dermatology Approved