Six Science Backed Ways to Unblock Your Chakras

image of a spiral flower showing all 7 colors of the chakra system

What are Chakras and How Do They Affect Our Stress Response?

Chakras are considered the centers of energy in the body where major nerve points meet and where our life force energy flows harmoniously and in balance[2].

There are seven main chakras in the body that are aligned from the top of your head to your tailbone, and each is represented by a specific color. Each chakra has its own measurable electromagnetic wave affecting our bio-energy & biology systems.

Prana, also called ch'i, shakti, aura, or biofield, is a scientifically proven[3] quantifiable energy field that flows in and around our bodies. Should this energy be blocked, symptoms may soon arise. 

Seven Chakras and Their Symptoms of Imbalance

    Root Chakra - 396 hz

      Located in the tail bone, this chakra controls our fight or flight response as it is connected to our adrenal medulla. Symptoms your Root chakra is blocked or out of balance include:

      • constant sense of fear
      • money fears
      • anxiety
      • anger
      • pessimism and hopelessness
      • feeling stuck and unable to take action

        Sacral Chakra - 417 hz

        Located in the pelvis, the Sacral chakra is connected to the adrenal glands and the genitourinary system. This chakra regulates basic emotional and sexual needs as well as creativity and confidence. When out of balance symptoms include:

        • emotionally imbalanced
        • lonely
        • numbness
        • hypersexuality or the opposite, lack of libido
        • detachment
        • anxiety
        • isolation
        • creative blocks
        • procrastination
          Solar Plexus Chakra - 528 hz

            Located under your ribs in the diaphragm, it is connected to the digestive system and the adrenal glands. Symptoms of imbalance or blockage include:

            • low self-esteem
            • self-doubt
            • paralysis from fear
            • shame
            • a sense of failure
            • eating disorders and/or digestive issues
            • difficulty accepting yourself
              Heart Chakra - 639 hz

                Located in the center of your chest around the heart area the Heart chakra is connected to the heart, the thymus, and the endocrine system. When out of balance symptoms may include:

                • feelings of unworthiness
                • relationship struggles
                • judging others
                • anger
                • fear of rejection
                • co-dependency
                • jealousy
                • loneliness
                  Throat Chakra - 741 hz

                    Located in the throat area, the Throat chakra is connected to the thyroid gland and regulates our sense of security, communication, and expression. When out of balance symptoms may include:

                    • inability to express thoughts and feelings
                    • fear of speaking
                    • avoiding difficult conversations
                    • social anxiety and avoidance
                    • talking nonstop
                      Third-Eye Chakra - 852 hz

                        Located between your eyebrows it is connected to the pineal gland and regulates our inner guidance or intuition, thoughts, and dreams. Symptoms of imbalance or blockage include:

                        • insecurity
                        • imbalance
                        • indecision
                        • inability to understand
                        • overthinking
                        • worry
                        • insomnia
                          Crown Chakra - 963 hz

                            Located at the crown of your head the Crown chakra is connected to the pituitary gland and the central nervous system. When this chakra is out of balance symptoms may include:

                            • taking things personally
                            • depression
                            • hopelessness
                            • confusion
                            • expressing negativity or a victim mentality
                            • lack of spiritual connection
                            • short-sightedness

                            Six Methods for Healing Chakras

                            There are many ways to re-calibrate your energy centers. Tuning your chakra centers results in greater inner harmony allowing you the chance to release the physical, mental, and spiritual effects of stress while living a more authentic life.

                            1. The Power of Color Therapy

                            Color is a property of light. Light is a form of energy. Each color also has its own vibrational frequency. There are six primary colors in the color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and pink, each having its own unique frequency ranging from 435 Terahertz (red) to 740 Terahertz (pink). Each of these corresponds to one of our seven main chakra systems within the human body, helping us regulate many system processes from organ function to the immune system, emotions and vibrational state. 

                            Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases. It is a centuries-old concept used successfully over the years to cure various diseases.  Many aspects of human psychological functioning are affected by colors. Wavelengths in the visible region produce biological effects in molecules, living cells, tissues and enzymes.

                            It is one of the oldest therapeutic systems and has been used by the ancient civilizations of India, Egypt and China for the treatment of a number of diseases that include psoriasis, rickets and skin cancer." - Science Direct Study on Chromotherapy "The Mechanic Basis of Chromotherapy".

                            Taking a colorful bath, holding a colorful stone as a meditation aid to visualize this color washing over your body, finding yourself in a colorful room and allowing its energy to wash over you or fill your body with its wisdom. Filling your space with bouquets of flowers in your color of choice and being mindful to the presence of its subtle energy. Taking up painting, coloring, or playing with colorful puzzles. These are just a few ideas for how to engage with this healing phenomena.

                            2. The Power of Frequency & Sound Therapy

                            528Hz, which is known as the ‘MI” or ‘Miracle’ tone in the Solfeggio scale, is a sound wave that has been reported to cause significant and extraordinary changes in biological functions.

                            It has been reported that sound resonance can activate DNA repair by refreshing ‘structured water’ within the genome which studies show can kill cancer cells, repair damaged cells caused by addictions or disease, and allow the body to begin healing.

                            In this way, Tibetan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls use the power of sympathetic resonances to strengthen, amplify, and balance the energetic chakra system in the body for cascading healing & regenerative effects on mind, body, and soul. This of course can have an impact on cellular repair and revitalization of skin, too.

                            Listening to the following frequencies can have an effect in tuning your chakra centers.

                            • 396 hz Root
                            • 417 hz Sacral
                            • 528 hz Solar
                            • 639 hz Heart
                            • 741 hz Throat
                            • 852 hz Third Eye
                            • 963 hz Crown

                            Sound baths or gong meditations are quickly gaining popularity for their transformative meditative effects. Up until recently, they have been a well-kept secret for thousands of years across many cultures and continents. Find a neighborhood meetup near you, or throw on your headphones and find a youtube channel dedicating to playing these frequencies and you'll notice the effects within a few minutes.

                            Classical music is another way to engage with these frequencies. Baroque music such as Pachelbel's 'Canon' or Beethoven's 5th are known for using the power of the perfect 5th harmonic scale which is a complex harmonic dance of the interplay of these frequencies.

                            3. The Power of Flowers 

                            Flowers are directly connected to source and each carry their own vibration. Roses are the highest vibrational flower, promoting harmony, love, connection, and heart expansion. Surrounding yourself with flowers, gardening, or keeping bouquets nearby are a great way to sychronize your energy centers and open yourself up to universal flow.

                            Flowers, while beautiful, colorful, fragrant, and uplifting - they also are carriers for life giving properties. Bees pollinate flowers and are critically responsible for 80% of all plant-based food sources and plant-based industrial products. Bees and pollination give us life.  The USDA Forest Service says,

                            "Without pollinators, the human race and all of earth's terrestrial ecosystems would not survive."

                            Our bodies have an innate sense of this natural 'magic' and responds with a sense of calm and relaxation whenever flowers are nearby. 

                            4. The Power of Crystals

                            Everything around us from our bodies to inanimate objects are made of energy and fluctuates in varying frequencies. Nikola Tesla was known to use quartz crystals in his work.

                            The innate energy found in these gemstones have the power to heal your body and soul from the inside out.  The use of gemstones date back centuries where various cultures such as the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Incas used gemstones in healing and protection rituals. It was believed that gemstones warded off evil spirits and promoted good health and prosperity to its users.

                            The use of gemstones also produce spiritual benefits, each stone vibrating at its own frequency, radiating energy and corresponding to each of the seven main chakras: the crown, the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root.

                            By incorporating the healing properties of gemstones in your skincare or any daily routine, you raise your emotional and spiritual vibration while pushing out toxins and negative energy. Read More Here.

                            5. The Power of Words

                            Words carry an electrical charge which can impact our energy systems. World-renowned Japanese Professor Masaru Emoto performed ground-breaking, experiments on the effect that words have on energy in water published in Messages in Water. Dr. Emoto discovered that when frozen, water that’s free from all impurities will form beautiful ice crystals that look exactly like snowflakes under a microscope. Water that’s polluted, or has additives like fluoride, will freeze without forming any crystals.

                            Dr. Emoto poured pure clean water into vials labeled with negative phrases like “I hate you” or “fear.” After 24 hours, the water was frozen, and no longer crystallized under the microscope. The pure water yielded grey, misshapen clumps instead of beautiful snowflake-like crystals all due to the power of the negative words.

                            In contrast, Emoto placed labels that said things like “I Love You,” or “Peace” on vials of polluted water, and after 24 hours, they produced gleaming, perfectly hexagonal crystals, known as sacred geometric shapes, despite them starting out as polluted water. Emoto’s experiments proved that energy generated by positive or negative words can actually change the physical structure of water.

                            6. How to Rebalance and Unblock Your Chakras w/ Our Energy Essence Toners

                            HiViBe33 has developed an exquisite line of products called “Solfeggio Frequency Infused Toners” available in seven varieties. 

                            Each "Energy Essence" is formulated with the power of color, power of flowers, power of gemstones, the power of frequencies, and with Dr. Emoto's power of words. The following messages are printed on each bottle for energy enhancement: 'Grounding', 'Confidence', 'Creative & Sexy', 'Heart Expansion', 'Speak Your Truth', 'Deeper Intuition', and 'Cosmic Connection'.

                            Since each chakra has its own individual color and vibration, we purposely use flowers and gemstones matching the color of the chakra to complement each chakra's frequency and stay in balance. 

                            Every variety is made with the same skin-loving, anti-aging, and moisturizing ingredients that your skin will love while bringing your PH balance back down to its natural acidic ph of around 5.5. This is a powerful technique to prevent the drying effect of water exposure after a shower or cleanse.

                            Simply step out of the shower, spray your entire body & face, and mindfully focus on the color & energy of the word on the bottle bringing you wisdom & energy to enhance your intention.

                            Root Chakra - Grounding

                            This Hibiscus skin essence mist is multi-functional, serving as both an advanced anti-aging toner spray AND a biofield enhancement spray supporting the strengthening of the root chakra, the chakra responsible for grounding, inner power, & survival strength.

                            I am grounded and safe.

                            By grounding your root chakra, you can release fear, celebrate your inner strength, and tap into abundance.

                            By using red hibiscus and ruby gemstones in this exquisite Grounding toner, High Vibe Beauty helps maintain balance in the root chakra (which is also represented by the color red).

                            Shop Here

                            Sacral Chakra - Sexy & Creative

                            This Citrus Lily skin essence mist is multi-functional, serving as both an advanced anti-aging toner spray AND a biofield enhancement spray supporting the strengthening of the sacral chakra, which is responsible for tapping into life force creation energy.

                            I step into the creative flow of the universe where all ideas live and everything is possible.

                            Find your best ideas by releasing the blockage within the Sacral Chakra and discover your inner creative life force.

                            By using orange citrus lily and citrine gemstones in this Sexy & Creative toner, High Vibe Beauty helps maintain balance in the sacral chakra (which is also represented by the color orange).

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                            Solar Plexus Chakra - Confidence

                            This Ylang Ylang skin essence mist is multi-functional, serving as both an advanced anti-aging toner spray AND a biofield enhancement spray supporting the strengthening of the second chakra, the chakra responsible for confidence, self-worth, and independence.

                            I am confident.

                            An imbalance of the Solar Plexus Chakra can leave you with the inability to believe in your confidence. You are strong, independent, and worthy, and balancing this chakra will allow you to release your inner confidence and claim your true self.

                            Yellow Ylang Ylang and amber gemstones are used in our Confidence boosting toner to help maintain balance in the solar plexus chakra (which is also represented by the color yellow).

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                            Heart Chakra - Heart Expansion

                            This Orchid skin essence mist is multi-functional, serving as both an advanced anti-aging toner spray AND a biofield enhancement spray supporting the strengthening of the heart chakra, which is responsible for love & connection.

                            I lead from my heart space.

                            Balancing the Heart Chakra will open your heart to allow you to feel emotions fully and deeply for more intimate connections with loved ones and the ability to love one's self. Stepping into your heart chakra has the power to change your life.

                            By using green orchids and jade gemstones in this Heart Expansion toner, High Vibe Beauty helps maintain balance in the heart chakra (which is also represented by the color green).

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                            Throat Chakra - Speak My Truth

                            This Blue Lotus skin essence mist is multi-functional, serving as both an advanced anti-aging toner spray AND a biofield enhancement spray supporting the strengthening of the throat chakra, the chakra responsible for confident & wise communication.

                            I have the courage to speak my truth.

                            Opening and rebalancing it will allow you to speak your truth and express your true feelings and intentions clearly and without fear. Do not be afraid to find your voice.

                            Blue lotus flower and pearl gemstones are used in our beautiful Speak My Truth toner to help maintain balance in the throat chakra (which is also represented by the color blue).

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                            Third-Eye Chakra - Deep Intuition

                            This Violet skin essence mist is multi-functional, serving as both an advanced anti-aging toner spray AND a biofield enhancement spray supporting the strengthening of the third eye chakra, the chakra responsible for expansive intuition.

                            I trust my wisdom.

                            Trusting your feelings comes from trusting your intuition…your gut feeling. A blocked Third-Eye Chakra may leave you with doubts and fear about your choices and feelings.

                            Open up this chakra to expand your intuition for more confidence in your life path.

                            By using violet flowers and amethyst gemstones in Deep Intuition toner, High Vibe Beauty helps maintain balance in the sacral by complementing its color vibration.

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                            Crown Chakra - Cosmic Connection

                            This Rose skin essence mist is multi-functional, serving as both an advanced anti-aging toner spray AND a biofield enhancement spray supporting the strengthening of the crown chakra, the chakra responsible for connecting to higher realms & divine consciousness.

                             I am connected to everything around me.

                            We are all divine beings full of energy and vibration while being connected to higher realms and consciousness. An imbalance of your Crown Chakra can leave you feeling disconnected from the universe.

                            Balancing this chakra will allow you to feel more focused and connected to the world and cosmos around you. That is why High Vibe beauty uses both Rose and Quartz to help balance the crown chakra through complimenting its color vibration.

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                            Stress may be unavoidable, however, with simple practices to help balance a unblock your chakras, you can find peace in an otherwise stressful environment. Take time to focus on what your body, mind, and spirit need with High Vibe Beauty and discover your inner truth today!


                            [1] Schneiderman N, Ironson G, Siegel SD. Stress and health: psychological, behavioral, and biological determinants. Annu Rev Clin Psychol. 2005;1:607-628. doi:10.1146/annurev.clinpsy.1.102803.144141

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                            [3] Dr. Valerie Hunt Research - BioEnergry Field -


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