"Desert Secrets" Glamour & Glow Resurfacing Oil"Sacred Geo" Soothing Medicinal Oil for Red, Sensitive Skin"Helios, Reverse" Sun Damage Repair & Protection Serum"GAIA" Multi-Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Serum"Seventh Wave" Triple Moisture Dewy Serum

Planet Energy Skincare® Inspired by 8 Energy Signatures of the Planet

8 Luxury Anti-Aging Face Oils & Serums

Luxurious lightweight treatment serums & oils each with their own Planet Energy® theme. Each blend is made with a high concentration of elements from the planet such as the Desert, Ocean, Rainforest, etc. Structured water is infused with energy intentions and the serum blends are infused with carefully selected gemstones, then sound bathed in sacred sound to support our higher vibrations, manifestations, and deep inner healing work. Each one formulated with an abundance of high performing actives. Awakening your higher self, beyond skin deep! Find your Chakra Tuned® favorite and connect to nature's energy from wherever you are.

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SOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Hibiscus & Ruby - RootSOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Citrus Lily & Amber - SacralSOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Sunflower & Amber - SolarSOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Jasmine & Jade - HeartSOLFEGGIO Skin Essence | Blue Lotus & Pearl - Throat

Chakra tuned® Essences Infused with 7 solfeggio frequencies

7 Luxury Anti-Aging Floral Skin Essences

Seven highly charged, frequency amplified skin essence hydrosol blends. Each 'SOLFEGGIO Skin Essence' is made with Apple Swiss Stem Cells & Phytoplankton, which are incredibly powerful anti-aging actives, blended with Manuka Honey, a superior humectant for soothing and moisturizing. Each blend is triple purpose: 1) water serum anti-age essence, 2) ph balancing & hydrating& 3) Chakra Tuned® energy mists. Structured water is infused with carefully selected gemstones & flowers, then sound bathed in 1 of 7 solfeggio frequencies to support higher vibrations, manifestations, and deep inner healing work. Awakening your higher self, beyond skin deep.

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