an image of fine powdered sand displaying the image of a sacred fine powder sand mandala

Sand Mandala Fine Powder Masks Chakra Tuned®

Our collection of seven exquisite ceremonial grade Sand Mandala Fine Powder Masks  invites you to embark on a journey of self-care and vibrational healing, as you co-create personalized luxurious healing. Infused with the frequencies of the seven chakras.

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing artistry of sand mandalas and the science of cymatics, each Sand Mandala Fine Powder Mask is a masterpiece in itself. We have carefully curated a selection of potent botanical powders, rich in therapeutic properties and nourishing goodness.

These finely ground ingredients, when combined with our oils and serums, allow you to indulge in the alchemical process of crafting your own unique vibrational mask, each one infused with frequency for a Chakra Tuned™ experience. 

Several extraordinary extracts are combined into a fine powder. Simply add two scoops of powder to a small dish, combined with liquid from one of our serums, mix, and use for 30 minutes while resting and meditating on your deeper intention.

Skin is noticeably more soft, radiate and smooth after first use. Deeply cleansing, drawing impurities to the surface to be rinsed away. High end nutrients to strengthen collagen, strengthen veins, diminish dark spots over time.

Each fine powder mask is frequency enhanced with sacred sound for a very specific ceremonial intention, for a heightened Chakra Tuned™ and high vibrational skincare experience.