This displays that this high vibe anti-aging skincare set is tuned to 852 HZ, the frequency of the third eye, infused with amethyst chakra stone, key for deeper intuitive discernment.
This displays that this high vibe anti-aging skincare set is tuned to 852 HZ, the frequency of the third eye, infused with amethyst chakra stone, key for deeper intuitive discernment.
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Enchanted "Intuition" Collagen Protect & Boost Set

Enchanted "Intuition" Collagen Protect & Boost Set

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Infused with Amethyst + Passionflower + Violet


  • 1 Full Size "Moisturize & Plump" Serum, infused with Amethyst 1 oz | 30 ml
  • 1 Full Size Passionflower Infused Sacred Waters Essence 2 oz | 60 ml
  • 1 Full Size Sand Mandala Fine Powder Mask 1.33 oz | 40 ml


Supports 6th Chakra, Third Eye, Intuition & Wisdom Energy Center

These three products have matching high-end fragrance of a "mystical forest".

This set is all about opening your third eye. Infused with purple amethyst crystal, a blend of magic mushrooms, and passionflower. This set is tuned to 852 HZ, the frequency of the third eye, key for deeper intuitive discernment.  Infused with amber, a remnant of the ancient world, strengthening the deepening intuition intention of this set.


"Enchanted" Serum

Your clean, organic, harmonic magical mushroom moisture & plumping serum. Gentle but powerful.


Star Ingredients

Incorporates the intelligence of mushrooms in a powerful 4 mushroom blend.

Reishi & Shiitake are potent collagen protectors.

Mycelia thickens skin to create less sensitivity.

Snow Mushroom is 1,000x more moisturizing than Hylauronic Acid and plumps the skin from within.

Passionflower is a known tonic for relaxing the nervous system. When the limbic system is relaxed, it creates space for deeper intuition to expand.


Fragrance: "Mystical Forest" Frankincense, Angelica are mystical oils used in ancient cultures to open the mind & facilitate a portal opening to the divine realms.


The planet is intelligent & alive. Science has discovered that the brilliant world of mycelia living beneath forest floors operate like a nervous system & is structured similarly to the human brain.

When we tune in and remember that we are designed with same intelligence as our forests and other brilliant planet systems, our third eye begins to open, and we can begin to see deeper truths, beyond ordinary perception.

This product is infused with 852 hz, the solfeggio frequency of the 6th chakra (patent pending). This product is also infused with amethyst for holding the sound frequency stable, to continue its effect in raising the frequency of the entire blend. This frequency unblocks the third eye.

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  • Clean Ingredients, Non-Toxic
  • Cruelty Free
  • 88% Organic

"Expand Intuition" Chakra Skincare Set. Amethyst, passionflower, magical forest intelligence, trees of life, elegant flower hydrosol.

Symbiotic Relationship
The magic of mushrooms

Did you know? Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson recently said, "We & mushrooms are more genetically alike than either we or mushrooms are to green plants."

Mushrooms have been working with the human body and brain for thousands of years. There are hundreds of benefits from mushrooms on the skin, body, brain,
and spirit.

Mushrooms are also being used to treat anxiety, depression, brain fog, residual trauma, and other mental health challenges because of how helpful they can be to the human brain.

Violet flower, amethyst, solfeggio frequency infused
Sacred Waters 852hz "Intuition"

Delicate anti-aging skin toner infused with purple flowers & gemstones to enhance the 6th chakra energy of this essence to support heightened intuition, wisdom, and clarity of thought for detangling life's knots.

Chakra Tuned® Intuition
Sand mandala fine powder mask

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing artistry of sand mandalas and the science of cymatics, these finely ground ingredients, when combined with our oils and serums, allow you to indulge in the alchemical process of crafting your own unique vibrational mask. Frequency infused w/ 852hz, the solfeggio frequency of the third eye chakra. Open your third eye while relaxing with a high end face mask.

purple lavender fields forest trees